Sloan Consortium Online Education Research Symposium – First ever all virtual event series!


The Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) will host a series of virtual research symposia beginning in January 2012 focused on important topics of interest to the online and blended learning communities. The purpose of the symposia includes acquainting participants with the critical “landscape” of key issues in online and blended education. Through the presentation of essential ideas and multiple perspectives, participants will have the opportunity to interact, one-on-one with the workshop facilitators as well as participate in ongoing online discussions with like-minded colleagues.

This virtual series will take place in 4 successive sessions, each focused on one of the Sloan-C pillars of education, on or around these live session dates:

  1. January 31: Focus – Quality
  2. May 3: Focus – STEM
  3. September 6: Focus – Scale
  4. November 13: Focus - Policy

These events are free and open to all educators and we expect to generate a lot of attendance and interest in the series.

2 Sponsorship Levels are available:

Gold: $5,000: Gold sponsors will get top logo placement in all categories listed below; Logo size 200 x 120 pixels

Silver: $2,500: Silver sponsors will get a secondary placement in all categories listed below; Logo size 140 x 80 pixels  

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Sponsor logo on the symposium web pages for the duration of the program (at least a year) - see display mock up
  • Sponsor logo on all marketing materials including promotional emails to more than 35,000 educators (approximately 8 emails per session); this is 280,000+ impressions just from the email promotions alone
  • Sponsor logos in live and recorded sessions
  • Sponsor logo on the Sloan-C Commons discussion page for the research symposium discussion boards




For questions please email  jfredrick@sloanconsortium.org

Presenters and moderators include A. Frank Mayadas, Ph.D. at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; Karen Swan, Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Illinois Springfield; Wallace E. Boston, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Public University System (APUS); Meg Benke, Sloan-C President and Vice Provost for Online and Global Programs at Empire State College; Kay Shattuck, teaching ADTED World Campus courses since 2000 and an associate of Penn State World Campus Faculty Development program.