Community Writing Project

Summer 2009

Practitioner Document - ABSTRACT

This Practitioner Document compiles feedback from the Sloan-C Community Writing Project. The catalyst for the Project was a May 2009 Department of Education report that states "…on average students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.” Participants of the ongoing Community Writing Project use the Sloan-C Wiki as a platform to respond to the Department of Education report and share their insights into what makes online education effective. A transcript of the full Community Writing Project document is available for paid Sloan-C members.

Community Writing Project (sample):

  • One thing that always works for me is having a guest from far away attend class…The university "bubble" is thus broken and students begin to believe that the world exists outside the campus.
  • The online environment also gives the instructor/facilitator a change to explore group work more effectively.
  • Students can attend online classes from home or a dormitory room when they are sick or are recovering…a side benefit is not spreading disease through a student on-ground population.
  • Allow students to engage in Experiential Learning by working or serving in their own community, or globally (through online resources).
  • I teach a lot of students who are traveling—some who take vacations far away. But, they keep coming to classes that are taught online.
With acknowledgements to the participants of the Sloan-C Community Writing Project Summer 2009 for their contributions to the discussions that formed the basis for this Practitioner Document – Thank you.

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