March 2013 Facilitator of the Month - Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz

Our Facilitator of the Month is Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz, who recently facilitated Sloan-C's Learning Environments: Twitter workshop. Holly has been facilitating Sloan-C workshops since 2009 and has previous experience as an educational technologies specialist, instructor, and an online course quality mentor at New Mexico State University. A consultant for Sloan-C, she produced the mobile learning and social media workshops during 2012 and is collaborating on conference community engagement in 2013.

Participants in the Twitter workshop stated that Holly was a fantastic facilitator who was prompt and knowledgeable which created a great workshop experience. The interactions she encouraged in Twitter, along with her highly effective modeling of teaching in 140 characters, made for an engaging and informative workshop. Previous workshops facilitated by Holly include Facebook Intensive, Simple Social Media Recipes, YouTube for Learning and Assessing Student Learning in Social Media. She has facilitated online, hybrid and face to face learning experiences for a variety of educational and professional audiences. Incorporating her experience as a certified yoga instructor, instructional design consultant and social engagement facilitator she explores meaningful ways to connect communities with mindfulness and social technologies. Holly has a B.S. in Elementary Education and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction.

Congratulations, Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz! We are exceedingly proud to recognize you as our featured Facilitator of the month.

Come and learn in a future workshop with Holly focused around utilizing social media in your educational design. Holly will be facilitating You Tube for Learning a new ½ day problem solving workshop that occurs on March 13th from 12-4 pm ET. For more information or to register