Sloan-C Institute Featured Participant for February 2013 - Lori Townsend


Our Sloan-C Featured Participant for February 2013 is Lori Townsend.

Lori Townsend is a Professor of Business Communications and Computer Applications at Niagara County Community College. In January, Lori participated in Successful Online Outcomes: Academic Integrity. Through the workshop, Lori collaborated with peers to identify reasons why students cheat and strategies for supporting a culture of integrity. One of the strategies Lori incorporated into her teaching was to create multiple due dates for components of a long term project. She wrote: "So many assignments are due at the end of the semester, that I know that my students are overwhelmed.. I try to make major assignments due as early in the semester [Including] multiple due dates for different sections of the paper."

Sloan-C recognizes the improved faculty and student satisfaction that can emerge out of efforts like Lori Townsend's - we are pleased to congratulate her on being selected as our February 2013 featured participant!

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