February 2013 Sloan-C Featured Certificate Program Graduate - Heidi Stevenson


Our Sloan-C Featured Certificate Program Graduate for February 2013 is Heidi Stevenson.

Heidi J. Stevenson teaches at University of the Pacific, a small private university in northern California. A self-described "juggler," Heidi teaches both educational technology and educational psychology courses while supporting colleagues who aspire to develop competence in online teaching. She has served the Benerd School of Education as chair of the technology committee and faculty council. Heidi holds a Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Barbara in Teaching and Learning, a M.A. from Chapman University in Curriculum and Instruction, and an A.B. from University of California, Davis in Psychology.


When Heidi enrolled in the certificate program, she had been teaching in a web-enhanced format and expressed an interest in learning how to make the online experience "as experiential and constructivist as face-to-face." With her strong background in education, it's no surprise she came to the program looking to find the best way to differentiate instruction online while still supporting higher-level thinking.


In 2012, Heidi completed the program's nine-week foundations course, which included building an individual online teaching portfolio, developing course components, evaluating quality, and incorporating consultations from peers and mentor, Cathy Arreguin. While in the program, she also completed three elective courses on learner motivation, HyFlex course design, and personal learning environments.


In her final portfolio project, Heidi identified many practical takeaways from the program, including strategies for building learner community and making assessment more meaningful. Through her explorations she also identified valuable methods for making her online teaching workload more manageable, mentioning the importance of having clear strategies for creating videos to improve the experience for her and her learners. To tailor her courses for hybrid delivery, she also identified ways to utilize personal learning environments to augment the limitations of a given learning management system. In these and other ways, Heidi fully utilized the program offerings to meet the unique needs of her teaching context.


Mentor Cathy Arreguin noted the quality of Heidi's demonstration course for the program in all areas, especially her integration of the concepts from the elective workshops. "The HyFlex workshop principles are wonderfully applied in [her] course - offering students choices on a weekly basis." From syllabus to instructional design to assessment, Heidi's efforts in the program stood out as exceptional and reflect the quality learning experience she set out to develop for her students.


Congratulations, Heidi! We are proud to feature you as our Sloan-C Institute Certificate Program February 2013 Featured Graduate.


To learn more about the Sloan-C Certificate for teaching and improving online courses, visit http://sloanconsortium.org/sloanc_institute#cert