Fair Use Guidelines for Educators

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Compiled By Linda K. Enghagen, J.D.

Fair Use Guidelines for Educators takes the mystery out of copyright law and its fair use rules. If you’ve been working under the hope (or misconception) that as long as the use is educational it’s a fair use, this short book explains and simplifies the basic framework of copyright law and the fair use rules. In addition, this handy resource contains all the fair use guidelines, which while not laws themselves, offer concrete advice about the limits of fair use for using material from books and periodicals, music, off-air recording of broadcasts (i.e. copying TV programs), multimedia, distance learning, digital images and software. The entire manual, including the guidelines, is indexed for easy reference.

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Table of Contents


Copyright Law

  • The Basic Rules
  • The Five Exclusive Rights of Copyright Owners
  • Fair Use Rules
  • Duration of a Copyright
  • Copyright Ownership
  • Joint Authorship
  • Obtaining a Copyright
  • Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism
  • The Rights of Users of Copyright-Protected Works

Established Fair Use Guidelines

Books and Periodicals


Television Programs


Distance Learning

Digital Images



  • Institutional Obligations
  • What is Allowed by the TEACH Act
  • What is Prohibited by the TEACH Act

Fair Use Online

  • Electronic Reserve
  • Posting Materials Within a Learning Management System
  • Unsecured Class Web Sites
  • Electronic Course Packs