Sloan-C Newsletters: The View, The Now, Insider, and Member

Sloan-C has two distinctive monthly email newsletters that highlight the most recent research, workshops, events and conferences, JALN articles, news and information from the Sloan-C community and the world of online teaching and learning.
The Sloan-C View: General news, announcements, promotions
The Sloan-C Insider: News, announcement, promotions, resources for our members

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Sloan-C View

The intention of the Sloan-C View is to provide useful information about online learning, commentaries about the field and pointers to more details about the work of the Sloan Consortium. Sloan-C currently has approximately 1600 active organizational members, including colleges, universities, consortia, and vendors. The View is published as an email newsletter as well as online as web pages.

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Sloan-C Insider: Member Newsletter

The Sloan-C Insider helps members make the most of their membership. Different membership benefits and resources are highlighted every month as a convenient reminder of all the ways membership can benefit you. Sloan-C is constantly looking at ways to add more benefits and members will be notified of any new and exciting changes.

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Sloan-C Now

Archived -- The monthly Sloan-C Now newsletter contains a digest of events, information and notices of importance you won't want to miss. 

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