Press Membership

  • Full Sloan-C web access: JALN, Effective Practices, Catalog, Job Listings, Reports, Surveys, Listserv, Sloan-C network , Practitioner Documents "Tips & Insights" from Sloan-C workshops,
  • Access to (monthly or quarterly) webinars conducted by Sloan-C staff addressing a topical issue in online higher education
  • Ability to join Communities of Practice and other professional communities within Sloan-C
  • Membership in public online forums (a place where Sloan-C members and Affiliates can exchange information)

* Free - Individual  must apply to be a Press Member and be approved by Sloan-C prior to acceptance as a Press Member.

Individual Membership

The Press Membership is for members of the press who are interested in online education and  would like to join and participate in the Sloan-C community. Qualified applicants would be full or parti-time contributors to major education publications that reach large numbers of educators (sorry, blogs don't count!). This membership provides full access to all Sloan-C member publications, forums, webinars, catalogs and professional communities, including the Sloan-C listserv discussion group.