Developing  and  Implementing  a  Mandatory  Online  Student  Orientation

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Volume 17, Issue 1 - January 2013
Kona Renee Jones, Richland Community College
Richland Community College
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Distance  learning,  orientation,  student  retention,  instructional  design

A   rural   Community   College   evaluated   its   procedures   for   preparing   students   for   online   courses   and   determined   it   was   not   meeting   the   needs   of   the   students.      Through   the   use   of   the   ADDIE   Model   of   Instructional   Design,   a   mandatory   online  orientation   for   first   time   online/hybrid   students   was   developed   and  implemented.  Results  from  the  implementation  indicate that  after  completing  the  orientation,  students   feel   they   are   better   prepared   for   their   online   courses.      This   result   is   backed   up   by   an   increase   in   online   student  retention