Defining the Role Adjustment Profile of Learners and Instructors Online

Volume, Issue - Date: 
Volume 17, Issue 1 - January 2013
Martha Burkle, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada / Informatics Circle of Research Excellence
Martha Cleveland-Innes, Athabasca University
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online learning, e-readiness, learner competencies
Recent research in online learning [1] identifies five areas of adjustment for students experience becoming a competent online learner: virtual interaction, self-identity, instructor role, course design and technology. This paper is about the first, second and third of these areas and about the importance of analyzing the role that students and instructors play when they interact online. Competencies categories are used to examine research findings from a research project carried out in Canada that explores the different roles played by students and instructors interacting online. Research findings show that instructors and students must adjust by developing new competencies and by integrating this competence into new roles appropriate to online teaching and learning.