Meeting  Accreditation  Requirements:  Are  You  Serving  Distance  Learners?

Volume, Issue - Date: 
Volume 16, Issue 5 - October 2012
Kimberly  Hardy, Florida  State  College  at  Jacksonville
Katie  Meyer-­Griffith, The  University  of  Tampa
Florida State College at Jacksonville
The  University  of  Tampa
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Recent   changes   in   the   higher   education   landscape   have   called   for   greater   access   and   accountability   in   a   number  of  areas, most  particularly  distance  learning.  While  there  is  a  very  significant  instructional  aspect   to   this   equation,   providing   effective   support  and   services   to   students   enrolled   in   online   education   is   becoming  comparatively  important,  especially  with  accrediting bodies.  However,  in  meeting  the  needs  of   this  unique  population,  institutions  are  discovering  that  the  services  they  provide  to  distance learners  can   be   offered   to   all   students,   regardless   of   where   they   live   or   how   they   choose   to   take   their   classes.   This   article  provides   an   overview   of   the   Welcome   Center,   created   in   2009   at   Florida   State   College   at   Jacksonville,  as  a  model  for delivering  quality  and  effective  online  student  services  to  students,  to  include   strategic   planning,   assessment   and   evaluation,   environmental   work   design,   functions,   staffing,   training,   and  technological  systems.