Bringing  Life  to  Learning:  Immersive  Experiential  Learning  Simulations  for  Online  and  Blended  Courses

Volume, Issue - Date: 
Volume 16, Issue 5 - October 2012
John  M.  Beckem  II, SUNY  Empire  State  College
Michael  Watkins, Toolwire  Inc.
SUNY Empire State College
Toolwire Inc.
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Simulations/immersive   learning   environments,   Workforce   readiness,   Experiential   learning,   Blended   learning,  Student  engagement  and  retention,  Innovation, Decision  making,  Constructivism,  Asynchronous   learning

Higher  education  institutions  are  under significant  pressure  to  provide  affordable, sustainable  approaches   that  will  prepare  their students with  the  skills  they  will  need  after graduation  to  achieve  success  in  the  21st   Century   workplace.   Digital   Media   Simulations   are   among   the   new   technologies   that   have   emerged   with   the   promise   to   help   institutions   better   prepare   students   by   providing   them   with   valuable   experiential   learning  opportunities  that  are easily  scalable,  reusable,  and  uniquely  suited to enable  instructors  to assess   students   while  simultaneously   providing   them   with   authentic   student-­centered   learning   journeys   that   increase  student engagement.    This  paper shares  data  from  one  Digital  Media Simulation episode  piloted   by  two  cohorts  of undergraduate  business students  at  the  State University  of  New  York  (SUNY),  Empire   State   College.      Results   from   this   pilot   demonstrate   that   Digital   Media   Simulations   effectively   increased   student  engagement  and promoted  deeper  learning.