Architecture  and  Impact  of  an  Open,  Online,  Remixable,  and  Multimedia-­Rich  Algebra  1  Course

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Volume 16, Issue 5 - October 2012
Ahrash  N.  Bissell, Monterey  Institute  for  Technology  and  Education
Monterey Institute for Technology and Education
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OER,  remediation,  developmental  math,  remixable,  multimedia

Less   than   half   of   the   students   in   the   United   States   graduate   from   high   school   and   are   ready   to   take   college-­level   math   courses.   Many   years   and   varieties   of   remedial   math   programs   have   failed   to   dramatically   improve   outcomes,   especially   at   scale.   The   question   we   face   is   whether   technology   in   general,   and   open   educational   resources   in   particular,   might   offer   some   solutions   for   improving   math   scores   across   the   nation.   Herein,   we   describe   the   work   of   the   Monterey   Institute   for   Technology   and   Education,   and   specifically   the   design   and   early   evidence   of   impact   of   their   multimedia   Algebra   and   Developmental   Math   resources.   We   believe   that   the   structure   and   function   of   these   open   educational   resources   can   effectively  meet   the   diverse   needs   of   the   nation's   math   teachers   and   learners,   perhaps   paving  the  way  to  more  personalized  teaching  and learning  practices.

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