Multidimensional Assessment of Blended Learning: Maximizing Program Effectiveness Based on Student and Faculty Feedback

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Volume 16, Issue 4 - June 2012
Orly Calderon, Long Island University, CW Post Campus
Amy Patraka Ginsberg, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
Liz Ciabocchi, Long Island University, University Center
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blended learning, outcomes assessment, program effectiveness, faculty feedback, student feedback

Faculty and student feedback on blended courses is instrumental to improving blended courses and programs. The purpose of this article is to describe the process and results of blended learning outcome assessment at a large, multi-campus, private university. The outcome measures used in this assessment were developed in the context of current literature about best practice in assessment of blended learning and were designed to gather feedback from faculty and students on multiple aspects of the blended courses. The results suggest that, overall, students and faculty were satisfied with the blended courses.  The sufficiency of the university's resources for blended learning emerged as the strongest predictor of student satisfaction. Faculty rated their blended courses high in terms of course organization, but low in terms of the availability of resources and information about online learning and the quality of pedagogy in blended instruction. This university has found great value in the use of student and faculty feedback toward the improvement of blended courses and programs. An emphasis has been placed on providing additional resources, making the available resources more accessible and offering faculty development and training in online and blended pedagogy.