Learning Analytics: A Case Study of the Process of Design of Visualizations

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Volume 16, Issue 3 - June 2012
Martin Olmos, University of Wollongong
Linda Corrin, University of Wollongong
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learning analytics, medical education, visualizations

Producing a visualization from a given dataset which brings light to specific questions involves a difficult process of design. As the field of learning analytics is still in its relative infancy, a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities afforded by the creation of visualizations of complex datasets is needed in order to help develop higher analytical skill sets. Whilst there have been helpful case studies published where a visual designer walks through the process of design [2], more examples specific to the learning analytics field are needed. This paper describes such a design process in the learning analytics context. A case study of the visualization of students’ patient care experiences in a medical degree is used to highlight the challenges and lessons learned in the iterative design and development process employed to visualize this data.