Analytics that Inform the University: Using Data You Already Have

Volume, Issue - Date: 
Volume 16, Issue 3 - June 2012
Charles Dziuban, University of Central Florida
Patsy Moskal, University of Central Florida
Thomas Cavanagh, University of Central Florida
Andre Watts, University of Central Florida
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action analytics, big data, top-down/bottom-up, online courses, impact evaluation, actionable research

The authors describe the top-down / bottom-up action analytics approach to using data to inform decision-making at the University of Central Florida. The top-down approach utilizes information about programs, modalities, and college implementation of Web initiatives. The bottom-up approach continuously monitors outcomes attributable to distributed learning, including student ratings and student success. Combined, this top-down/bottom up approach becomes a powerful means for using large extant university datasets to provide significant insights that can be instrumental in strategic planning.