Emerging Technologies Workshop: An Immersive Professional Development Opportunity!

Phylise Banner (American Public University System, US)
Tom Green (Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, US)
Judd Rattner (Intellidemia, US)
Shaun Simms (Digital Proctor, US)
Andrew Brenneman (Finitiv Corporation Columist, Book Business Magazine, US)
Adobe Higher Education Team
Google Certified Teacher Team
Session Information
July 11, 2011 - 9:00am
Audience Level: 
Intermediate to advanced
Session Type: 
Pre-conference Workshop Full Day
Session Duration: 
Full Day - 6 Hours

The changing landscape of technology has a great impact on the lifecycle of online learning. The past five years alone have introduced a variety of dynamic tools, allowing us to explore new approaches to teaching and learning. This workshop session will identify and explore emerging technologies and tools, along with approaches for use in the development, delivery, and support of online courses and programs.

Focusing on the impact of the changing landscape, the full day pre-conference workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Emerging Technologies. What new tools and technologies are on the horizon? Should we be exploring industry and business tools and technologies? What are we missing? How do we give learners more control over content and interaction?
  • Designing for the Future. Are instructional designers embracing emerging technologies? How can we recognize and support design innovations? What role do instructional designers have in the technology selection, implementation, and decision-making processes?
  • Exploring Relationships. How do we identify and connect with communities of practice? How do we leverage the value of peer learning networks? Who are the key players that we should be watching?
  • Learning Theory and Practice. How is learning theory evolving? Has technology significantly changed how we are teaching and learning? Where should we look for current trends in research?
  • Managing Change. With every innovation comes change. How do we manage the integration of new tools and concepts? In order to move forward, what level of change is required? How do we teach our students, faculty, and administrators to prepare for and anticipate the future?


Lead Presenter
Phylise Banner

Phylise Banner is an information designer currently working as an Instructional Design Project Leader for the American Public University System.

Throughout her career, she has worked closely with faculty, staff, students and IT managers to design, develop and deliver technology-based solutions across departments and disciplines. She regularly embraces opportunities to experiment with emerging technologies in order to best serve adult students at a distance, and to create communities of lifelong learners.

Along with her current acheivements in adult learning and distance education, she has over 18 years of experience in information visualization with special expertise in the visual representation of financial and economic data. Her career as an informational graphics specialist with the Federal Reserve in the 1980s allowed for early access to Internet technologies, sparking her interest in hypertext and the integration of technology into teaching and learning.

She presents regularly at regional and national technology and communication conferences on the topics of information design, experience design, creative hypertext, Web 2.0 applications, instructional design, information visualization and GIS technologies. She also teach Digital Storytelling and Information Design online for Empire State College.

Her current research focuses on the use of Web 2.0 applications to establish community and visual presence in the online classroom.

And, she's the proud owner of a 1967 Amphicar.

Tom Green

Tom Green is a professor of Interactive Multimedia through the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning’s School of Media Studies.
 Like all faculty in the program, Tom believes his students deserve to be taught by instructors who are regarded as experts in their field and whose knowledge of their subject is current with industry best practice. Tom is the author of 12 books with Pearson Education and friendsofED, including such best selling books as Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers, Foundation Flash CS3 Video and From After Effects to Flash:Poetry in Motion Graphics. He has also produced a video training series for Lynda.com — Fireworks CS3, Essential Training, available online and on DVD and After Effects CS5 and Catalyst CS5.5 Training DVD's for InfiniteSkills.

Tom is also an Adobe Community Professional, an Adobe Higher Education Leader and a member of several Product Advisory Boards at the Adobe Corporation.

Judd Rattner Judd Rattner, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder,  Intellidemia

As chief executive officer, Judd sets strategic vision, establishes corporate priorities, and oversees all day to day activities within the company. Judd possesses a wide range of expertise with Bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management as well as an MBA, all from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He has also worked for General Motors in product development as well as serving as a test engineer for Lutron Electronics. With this wide range of experience and expertise, Judd contributes in the technological development of Intellidemia as well as performing the many business operations that are needed by the company daily.

  Shaun Simms
  Andrew Brenneman
  Adobe Higher Education Team
  Google Certified Teacher Team