CANnect Projects

CANnect, the most comprehensive, most accessible collection of online learning opportunities for people with visual impairments collaborated with The Sloan Consortium to provide improved access to online learning tools.   Through a grant provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, three projects have been instituted to make online learning a reality for visually impaired students.

A comprehensive guide for creating accessible online learning content. The guide shows course content developers how to create learning materials that are usable and accessible for all students.

A study that examines the popular learning management system Moodle in terms of usability for visually impaired students. While CANnect’s report found that the vast majority of Moodle is technically accessible, the report lays out ways in which the experience can be improved for visually impaired students.

Finally, the Sloan Consortium has incorporated a series of workshops into its current offerings aimed at raising the awareness of Web site developers and course designers to the principles of universal design—ensuring that web and online learning content  is usable for all students.