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  1. OLC Membership Options: Individual, Institutional, Premium, others…
    • Become a OLC Individual Member and get $150 in conference discounts, $300 in workshop discounts, access to all OLC journals and materials, all OLC Webinars for free and lots more.
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  2. OLC Workshops and Certificate Program
    • OLCwill be offering over 95 workshops in 2014 to support your continuous professional development. Each workshop is developed by practitioners for practitioners; enabling thousands of colleagues worldwide to collaborate cost effectively with peers and experts, via real-time and asynchronous meetings. Click here for workshop information.
    • The OLC Teaching Certificate Program and OLC Advanced Teaching Certificate Program are your ticket to teach and improve your online teaching skills using the OLC pillars of quality in online education—learning effectiveness, scale, faculty and student satisfaction, and access. A unique feature of the certificate programs is that expert mentors work individually with each certificate candidate to accomplish specific goals. Click here for Certificate Program information.
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