Special JALN issue on Online Learning and Open Educational Resources (OER) for international development, CFP March 31, 2013

The Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks invites submission of papers for a special issue focusing on Online Learning and Open Educational Resources (OER) for international development. The articles will focus on reaching rural or other hard-to-reach populations using education technologies that work for these populations. Some of the tools will include OER, online learning, blended learning, and mobile learning. OERs are learning resources made publically available and free to use, modify and redistribute. These include books, presentation materials, assessments and other types of resources. Online and blended learning is being used throughout the developing world in formal and informal learning in a variety of contexts from classrooms to mobile platforms.  The issue will also focus on educational transformation where students will be engaged in the creation of resources and participatory research that helps communities develop.
Traditional vocational institutions, colleges and universities in emerging countries are facing unprecedented demand. Likewise, the demand for informal training is growing. Internet growth is on the verge of exploding and mobile platforms are already ubiquitous in many countries. Yet the scarcity of financial resources requires practitioners to develop creative solutions and innovative practices. Online and blended learning, and OER, offer promising solutions to meet demand and improve quality within the context of developing nations.
This special issue will explore current applications, research and future directions for online learning and OER in the context of developing countries. Papers should present a research study, an analysis or detailed case study on the topic, including data where possible. Papers might focus on trends, project outcomes, road-tested methods and promising models including implications for online education where appropriate.
Manuscripts are due March 31, 2013 for the June issue.
Guest Editors:
  • Christine Geith, Associate Provost, Executive Director MSUglobal, Michigan State University, cgeith@gmail.com
  • Prof. John B. Kaneene, University Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology and Director, Center for Comparative Epidemiology, Michigan State University. Kaneene@cvm.msu.edu
  • Karen Vignare, Director, MSUglobal, Michigan State University, vignare@msu.edu
  • Alice Barlow-Zambodla, Programme Specialist   |  Saide- South African Institute for Distance Education, Alicebz@saide.org.za
  • Catherine Ngugi, Project Director, OER Africa, a Saide initiative, catherine.ngugi@gmail.com


Submission Information: To submit a paper, please review JALN guidelines and submit papers to http://jaln.sloanconsortium.org/.